Kevin Tancharoen Goes into Detail About Mortal Kombat Web Series

Now here’s a meaty interview with Kevin Tancharoen about his upcoming Mortal Kombat web series with the help from Warner Bros. He talks about how he originally wanted to do

Zooey Deschanel Writes Songs for Winnie the Pooh

Oh how Zooey Deschanel is so talented. She acts, sings, and writes music. The last time I saw her was in the movie (500) Days of Summer with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

See the Hobo with a Gun Red Band Trailer

There are things in life that were just meant for each other; Mac and cheese, Charlie Sheen and tiger’s blood, Lindsay Lohan and drugs. But now, we have something we

New Sci-Fi Comedy Announced: Rock Jocks with Felicia Day, Jason Mewes, and KevJumba

What’s that I hear? A new movie starring nerds and gamers saving the world? Starring the popular nerdy Felicia Day? Sign me up! Rock Jocks is a new sci-fi feature

Geoffrey Rush Will Voice Green Lantern’s Tomar-Re

So news is that Geoffrey Rush will voice Tomar-Re, the bird-beaked alien that teaches Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) how to use his powers as a Green Lantern. I love Geoffrey

Watch the Best Part of Sucker Punch: The First 6 Minutes

Looks like the negativity surrounding the movie has struck a nerve with Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, that the powers that be have decided to give us a taste of the

3 New Transformers: The Dark of the Moon with Baysplosions!

You want Baysplosions? Well you can have your Baysplosions. Enjoy these 3 images from Transformers: The Dark of the Moon as our human heroes escape the onslaught that is Michael

First Thor Clip Debut: Thor’s Arrival on Earth

Here is a new clip from the Thor movie starring Chris Hemsworth. This clip is when Thor arrives on Earth and meets up with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Erik Selvig

Talented Indie Developer, Konjak, Needs Your Help – Play His New Game, ‘Iconoclasts’

An indie game developer out there named Joakim Sandberg (aka Konjak) needs our help! Yes, he’s apparently in a not-so-great financial situation. He has several short finished games that he

Two New Thor Images: Thor Gets a Job Interview as a Hammer Inspector

Here are two new images from the Thor movie, one with Thor looking sad that he can’t seem to pull out, and another one where he’s being interviewed by Agent

PS3 Hacker Geohot Didn’t Know Sony Computer Entertainment of America Existed

George Hotz, the most infamous PlayStation 3 hacker, claims that he’s never heard of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, according to his lawyers for the The Sony v. Geohot case.

Elgin Park: The Realistic Miniature Car/Town Models Gets a Book

Since we’ve last interviewed Michael Paul Smith about his Elgin Park project, he’s been busy with a photo book for Elgin Park. Now it has been announced by Prestel Publishing

Two New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Surface

Here are two new screenshots for Max Payne 3 that just came out of the woodworks, courtesy of Rockstar Games’ twitter account. The accompanying message says “He’s coming”. Oh I

Hideo Kojima Gets Promoted as Konami Vice President

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that Hideo Kojima has been promoted to Vice President. Woohoo! His new position will begin April 1 (let’s hope it’s not a cruel April Fools

New L.A. Noire Trailer: “A Slip of the Tongue” Traffic Case

Here’s a new trailer for “A Slip of the Tongue” Traffic case for the upcoming L.A. Noire video game from Rockstar Games. It’s a Walmart store launch exclusive and will

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Game Announced

Marvel and Activision have announced their new Spider-Man game called Spider-Man: Edge of Time. The announcement comes just a day before WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco. In the game, he

Anime Conji 2011 Video Recap with Nerd Reactor: Cosplay, Cosplay, Cosplay!

Check it out as Nerd Reactor crashes Anime Conji 2011. It’s the second annual and only anime convention in sunny San Diego filled with many cosplayers. Oh look, it’s Mr.

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Paul Review

Imagine if you took the Sci-fi movies of your childhood like E.T. and Star Wars. Then add the warped minds that brought you Superbad and Hott Fuzz. You would probably

Mega Man Universe Gets Mega Canned

Mega Man was to have his own little virtual universe in which users could create and share self-created levels with each other, but alas, fate is a cruel mega mistress.

FEAR 3 Trailer – John Carpenter and Steve Niles Try to Horrify You

With John Carpenter (Halloween) directing the cut-scenes, and Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) co-writing FEAR 3, horror fans just might have a new video game to look forward to