Serious Sam 3: BFE Bringing 16-player Campaign. Seriously

Serious Sam is the series you play when you just wanna’ run around and frag stuff for fun. You don’t have to worry about a story (which is usually ridiculous and perfectly skip-able anyway). The only thing you worry about is grabbing every gun you see and blasting everything else that moves (no neutral NPCs here). The new game is titled, “Serious Sam 3: BFE”, and the “BFE” could be “bum fudge Egypt”.

This is most of the press release Croteam put out. Check out the part where they seem to rip on the recent games that use way too much cover, and maybe not enough fun:

Croteam’s Serious Sam 3: BFE is a glorious throwback to the golden age of first-person shooters where men were men, cover was for amateurs and pulling the trigger made things go boom. Serving as a prequel to the original indie sensation, Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam 3: BFE takes place during the Earth’s final struggle against Mental’s invading legions of beasts and mercenaries. Set against the collapsing temples of an ancient civilization and the crumbling cities of 22nd century Egypt, Serious Sam 3: BFE is an exhilarating fusion of classic twitch shooters and modern gameplay features.

Trademark features such as relentless hordes of spectacular enemies and expansive outdoor battlefields return in Serious Sam 3: BFE at full force. Other features include: Frantic Arcade-Style Action – The calling card of the Serious Sam series, hold down the trigger and lay waste to a never-ending onslaught of attackers or face being overrun by Mental’s savage beasts. No cover systems, no camping – it’s just you and them. All of them.

Mental’s Fearsome Legions – A new battalion of unforgettable minions including the rumbling Scrapjack and towering Khnum join the legendary Headless Kamikaze, Gnaar and Sirian Werebull. Your days of mowing down zombie Nazi space pirates are over.

Serious Melee Attacks – When an enemy slips by your wall of lead and pain, use one of the all-new innovative melee moves to drop an enemy right where they stand in the most violent way possible.

Pure Multiplayer Mayhem – Play through the full campaign mode with up to 16 players or drop the gauntlet and let the heavy ordinance fly in versus modes like Deathmatch and Beast Hunt. This is the next level of Serious Sam multiplayer and all hell is about to break loose.

Wow, did you read that last part about 16 players? I’ve never played a campaign with 16 players, but I’d give it a try just for laughs. Then they have that “Beast Hunt” mode, which sounds like they’re borrowing from Gears of War’s Horde mode.

I’ve played the two other major PC Serious Sam games, and they were both fun. Serious Sam 3: BFE is currently only being released on PC for the third quarter of 2011.



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