Review: Rude Gameware Unleashes It’s Wireless Headset on the Xbox 360

In the last year or so, there has been a huge surge in console Gaming Headsets. As they keep growing in popularity, many different companies are beginning to throw their hat into the market. Rude Gameware was founded by a group of gamers that wanted to create great accessories and products for gamers. Recently, we got our hands on a pair of their Primal Wireless Headset for the Xbox 360 and we put them to the test.


Rude Gameware’s headset sports a sleek black finish with an adjustable leather headband for comfort. The headphone cups are extremely conformable and the “over-the-ear” design is perfect for noise cancellation. On the top of the headphones are 2 Infrared Senors, one on each side, to ensure optimal quality audio is received during gameplay. 2 AAA batteries are needed for the headset, but a really cool feature about Primal’s headset is that included in the wireless transmitter, there is a compartment where you can charge those 2 AAA while it is not in use.

The wireless transmitter comes with a AC adapter and a 3.5mm audio jack that has a RCA adapter. You can plug it into back of any TV or Sound System but ultimately you will have to change your Xbox setting so live chat can be heard through your speakers. This means all communication will be done through Xbox’s Live Mix, which is something that many gamers will grip about but it is still a quality product non the less.

By far the oddest thing that really stood out and caught my attention about this headset was the mic. The mic is not attached  physically at all to the headset. It in fact plugs directly into the mic port at the bottom of your Xbox Controller. Skeptical at first, I was surprised by just how clear the audio was. Even though it is no where near your face, the mic picks up voice quite well. The only problem that I can see with it is that the mic can easily get lost but luckily Rude Gameware offers replacement mics.


– The Primal’s headset delivers crystal clear stereo audio with a good amount of bass and range overall. Whether you’re gunning down enemies in the jungles of Vietnam or walking the deserted haunted corridors of an infected Space-station, you can hear every little sound bit. The only time I had problems with them audio-wise, was when someone walked in front of the transmitter blocking the signal. A small inconvenience but nothing really to worry about. The headphones’ use of Live Mix is it’s greatest flaw. While other brands have found ways to correct this problem, I cannot stress how inconvenient this feature is. This is largely the fault of Xbox’s design but it doesn’t help that this is the only way you can communicate online with headset.

Final Verdict

– Rude Gameware has made a great economical product for gamers. Though there were some small hiccups, you can’t beat the price for these wireless headset that is a wireless sound system, a battery charger and a 2 way communicator.

Grade: B

Primal Wireless Headset & Mic for XBOX 360
-Speaker Unit: 40 mm Cobalt Magnet Driver
-Impedance: 32 Ohm
-Power Requirement: AC/DC adapter 12V DC (North American units come with 110V power supply, international orders will include 220V power supply for transmitter)
-2 AAA batteries for headset
-S/N Ratio: 42dB @ 1KHz
Price: $99.95

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