Akira Script Gets Leaked and Reveals Plot Details of the American Adaptation

Akira has been in hot water for that last couple of years now. It can’t keep a director and the script has been rewritten numerous times by various writers. The most recent version written by Harry Potter’s Steve Kloves has hit the net. Our friend over at io9 got there hands on some of the pages of the script that is currently being sent out to various talent agencies. Some of the details from the script may actually please many fans that have been uneasy about the project. Lord knows how much anĀ  abomination Dragonball Evolution was.

The film will take place in Neo-Manhattan, not Neo-Tokyo. I gotta say I’m not surprised, I’m sure Warner Bros. doesn’t believe the film would do will set in a foreign setting but hey Tokyo Drift did pretty good. One of the big note that I’m sure every fan will be happy to hear is that many of the characters keep there original names. Kaneda, Tetsuo, Ky(Kei) and Akira are all here. Only one of the creepy old kids Tashiki has had his name changed to Tobias.Some of the big changes in the story are Tetsuo is now Kaneda’s brother, not his childhood friend. This was probably done so that there was a deeper bond between the characters.

It seems like a good majority of the original story is intact with a few minor changes. Could the Hughes Brothers possibly pull this off? We’ll have to wait and see if it even starts to begin shooting first.

Source: io9

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