Add some Flare to your iPhone or iOS with the Siberia Neckband Headset

From Steelseries, a well known name when it comes to hardcore competitive gaming around the world, the Siberian neckband steps away from gaming and gives a new accessory for iOS devices such as the iPhone and the newer iTouch devices… we received a review copy for review and after using it for week here are my thoughts:

Geared for your iDevices, the Siberia neckband offers high quality sound while fitting comfortably around your neck. With a few added components, it makes this not only great for your iOS device, but can even be used with your other portable devices. The color and design of the Siberia headset compliment the iOS devices very well while being very sturdy.

While getting a very enjoyable sound quality you can control it with a small built in controller that can raise or lower your volume and also pick up or hang up phones calls while pausing your music when not in the middle of a call, but wait phone calls? Yes the left headphone has an adjustable and retractable microphone for your phone calls.

While I have an original iTouch, the built-in controller works great for my music player, allowing me to pause music and adjust my volume level. Using Skype does give me great reasons to use it. My phone is an HD7 Windows phone and I use it to listen to my music and even use the microphone to talk, but the built-in mic won’t work. It’s still great to be able to use it for more than just my iPhone.

When listening you get a very crisp and clear sounds whether it being music or talking on the phone. When listening to music or playing a portable game you can clearly hear everything crisp and perfectly.

The Siberia neckband is very comfortable with the ability to adjust to your neck size and revert with ease, for those who don’t like the neck of the headphones going over your head this is a great alternative and the larger cup to the headphones lock on well when in use.

I have no complaints with this headset which I have always found something wrong with all my other headphones. Steelseries makes a great IOS product which can be used for any device with a headphone jack. The Siberia Neckband headset has an MSRP of $79.99, which isn’t exactly cheap, but offers a lot of high quality sound and usefulness, not only for any idevices, but any portable device.

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