Plants versus Zombies for PSN REVIEW

To start off, Plants vs. Zombies is not new to me. I have played this before when it first came out on the iTouch. And I had a blast playing it, especially during the night stages when a special visitor would come out with his own entrance song. But this new version took that person out and replaced him with a whack replacement, though they did keep the entrance song.

The game takes place in the most unusual places and times. It starts off in your front lawn, then into your backyard during the day and night. And in the last few stages, it takes place on your roof. Your only armaments are your plants and crazy neighbor, who happens to have the name of Crazy Dave.

Graphics wise this is similar to the iTouch release that I played just much bigger and have better controls. It still has that old style side scrolling look to it. It kept everything graphics wise from the iTouch version just made it bigger.

Controls are different now that it is in console. To me, it is much easier than a small touch screen for the iTouch. Instead of touching the plants you’re going to plant, you just need to press R1 or L1 to highlight the plant and press X to your desired location. And if you need to remove a plant, just hold O for a second or so and once you let go, the plant disappears. You can choose to use the D-Pad or the Left Analog to move the cursor. I’m more of an Analog stick user.

Game play is the same concept as the iTouch version. Use plants to protect your house from zombies. Also throughout the game, Crazy Dave will help you along with supplies and other plants. But he won’t do this for free, you will need to pay him. Luckily for you, some of the zombies will randomly drop coins. If the zombies don’t make it past your last line of defense, your lawnmowers at the end will be worth a coin each.

Remember when I said they replaced that special visitor? Well that special visitor was Michael Jackson, in his Thriller gear. He enters the stage with Thriller playing in the background. In this version, they replaced him with a zombie with an afro and bell-bottoms while still entering with the Thriller song. This was due to the fact that Michael passed away two months after the game was released, and the Jackson estate asked for the removal of the character.

There is also a new additions to the game such as Co-Op and Versus play. It also has five game modes: Adventure, Puzzle, Mini-Game, Survival, and Zen Garden. There will be a total of 12 trophies that can be achieved in this game.


If you are looking for a game that you need to kill time and is fun go out and buy Plants versus Zombies. You won’t be disappointed.

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