Superb Submarine Action via 3DS “Steel Diver” – Trailer

You are going to want to submerge yourself in this great-looking 3DS game by Nintendo. Submarine games don’t come by too often, and they certainly don’t get their share when it comes to non-pc gaming. My play-time at E3 impressed me enough that I’d really love to play the full game.

You may notice that the game is very slow paced, but believe me, the game takes skill, and is very intense. The slow pace is necessary, as each action you take can make you the hero of the ocean, or the next find on a James Cameron underwater documentary.

The top screen is where the visual action takes place, and on the bottom you’ll find the controls of the submarine, which are manipulated with the stylus. You can control the depth of your submarine, the pitch, the speed, and you have a few weapons as well.

Did I mention that you can sit in a chair, spin around in it, and your in-game view will move with you as if you were looking through a submarine's periscope? Freaking cool.

Take a look at the trailer and see if Steel Diver is your kind of game:


Steel Diver will be available on 3DS for $39.99 at launch, March 27th.

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