Epic Gamer Productions: Black Ops Tournament Gallery

Epic Gamer Productions held their Call of Duty: Black Ops tournament this past weekend at Frank and Sons Collectibles Show with many gamers clamoring for the title of championship, and a chance to win some cool prizes like the Tritton headphones and Black Ops controllers.

The event drew many gamers in, from young to old (oldest being young adults). I joined the tournament along with my fellow NR writers Narvin and Hokan. I was the only one in the team to make it to the second round. Yeah, let’s not speak of the second round because I’m going to go into tears, boohoo. But at least I didn’t get beat by a nine-year old (those kids are really good).

Check out the event’s gallery below and don’t forget to check out our interview with Epic Gamer Productions founder Brian Compton.

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