New Batman: Arkham City Details on Catwoman, Villains, and Multiplayer

From IGN, Batman: Arkham City’s game director Sefton Hill gives us some new juicy details for the upcoming game. He talks about what their focus is for the sequel, and it’s not about it being bigger.

It was never about making a bigger game for us – just a better one. If we thought the best game featured just one villain then that’s we’d do. Rest assured, we aren’t putting villains into the game just to make up the numbers, we are choosing characters who we think have an interesting story to tell and who can challenge Batman in an original and exciting way. So it’s true, there are more villains. A lot more villains. There will be more exciting announcements soon. (And many who we will never announce!)

There were a lot of villains in the first one, but each villain felt like they had their own special moment. Who can forget the Scarecrow’s fear toxin making the Bats go crazy, or even the showdown between Poison Ivy and her giant-bat-hating plant?

Now we have a new main villain with Hugo Strange.

We know Hugo Strange is going to be a completely new character to some players, but he was the perfect choice for the role of Warden of Arkham City. Hopefully the trailer at the end of last year has given you a few hints to his character and motivation. Strange makes the rules that all prisoners have to abide by. He enforces these rules with a zero tolerance policy through his Tyger security force, a force equally as fierce as the gangs the incarcerated criminal bosses have amassed. The walls and airspace are constantly patrolled by heavily armed Tyger guards who share Strange’s contempt for criminals.

Let’s see what the good director has to say about Catwoman in the game.

Catwoman is one of the most recent criminals to be incarcerated in Arkham City. She’s independent, strong minded and not aligned with any of the existing super-criminals who are already inside. Batman’s presence in Arkham City presents a very interesting dilemma for them both, not only because they have so much history, but also because they are both in an incredibly hostile environment with nowhere to hide in the middle of a brutal turf-war. Like I said before, we selected characters that would challenge Batman in an interesting way and Catwoman, always following her own agenda, is someone who really spices things up for him.

That’s my Catwoman! This makes me even more excited about The Dark Knight Rises and how Christopher Nolan is going to claw at her.

I myself am not worried about multiplayer for a Batman game, but apparently there are others who would love to play online with friends. Remember kids, Batman is more cool when he works alone.

Batman: Arkham City is a “single-player only” experience.

Our thought process behind this was fairly simple: when we investigated adding multiplayer we asked, “If we use all of the energy that is required to create multiplayer and instead focus this on the single player, would that deliver a better overall game?”

I trust in Rocksteady Studios to make the best Batman game they can make. But I have some questions about Arkham City. How big is this Arkham City? Will we get to venture outside of Arkham City into the public streets of Gotham City? I want to be able to chill in Wayne manor and eat inside a large dining room!

Source: IGN

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