Batman: Arkham City Comic Arriving that Bridges Both Games

It was just recently announced that a Batman: Arkham City comic miniseries will be arriving prior to the Arkham City game. The comic will be written by veteran writer Paul Dini. Paul has not only wrote Batman: The Animated Series, but has also done the Arkham Asylum game as well as the upcoming Arkham City. The comic will bridge the gap between the 2 games; telling the story of how Arkham City comes about. The comic will be released in May and run 6 exclusive issues. What’s interesting is that DC will be releasing an 8 page downloadable interlude that occurs between each comic. It seems as if they are trying really hard to put a lot of continuity between the two games, which in my opinion is great. I’m definitely interested in picking these up, as I would imagine they would be a great addition to any collection.

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