28 Gauge Handgun?! Hellboy’s Good Samaritan a Reality?

Stumbled onto this behemoth of a handgun while surfing the interweb tonight and just had to share it with our readers here on Nerd Reactor.  Recently Taurus International Manufacturing Inc. unveiled the beefy 28 Gauge Raging Judge handgun.  From the official press release:

“Personal protection, home defense and sport shooting are easy work for the latest Taurus® Raging Judge that fires the larger, more powerful 28-gauge shotshell. The first Judge of its kind is ready to take on whatever comes your way. Whatever “it” happens to be.
The Taurus Raging Judge in 28 gauge comes equipped with the distinctive “Raging Bull” cushioned insert grip for reduced felt recoil and its strong, ordnance grade steel frame is built to take everything the revolver dishes out. Additional features include a single-action/double-action trigger and highly visible fiber optic front sight.
Available in blued or matte stainless finish with a 6.5 inch barrel, the Raging Judge in 28 gauge has overall length 13.75 inches and weighs 67 ounces. Like all Taurus handguns, the unique onboard Taurus Security System® allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock.”

Check out the above photo of the Raging Judge in all it’s beastly glory reminds me of the Good Samaritan trademark firearm of comic book writer/artist Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.

Below is a video of the a Taurus rep demoing the Raging Judge 28 at the SHOT gun show.  All I gotta say is…DAMN!!!


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