Is This the ‘Alien’ of SUPER 8?

Ever since the TV spot debuted last night at the Super Bowl, everybody and their momma have been picking apart the 32 second spot. For only 23 seconds, there was definitely a lot packed into this. Already, many are claiming that the trailer shows the monster and/or alien.

In the picture above, many suggest that this is a photo of the creature’s bottom jaw and teeth.

Someone also said that you can see it in the reflection of the fallen camera.

I really don’t see it. Unless it’s some kind of weird Pterodactyl-thing but then I guess it would kind of match the picture of the bottom jaw.

So is it a flying dinosaur? Oddly enough this would actually match our early reports of the Army seen on set shooting at something in the air but I’m sure that is not the case. Ultimately, we won’t fully know for sure until June 10th, when the movie hits theaters.

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