Namco Bandai Teases Tales of Grace F, Now with Vesperia PS3?!

In the past week, Namco Bandai’s Facebook Page has been posting a cryptic scrambled image almost every day on a strange URL (Richard is a character in Tales of Grace). Fans have been quick to decode the image, reaching to the conclusion of a western localization of Tales of Grace F. However, today’s new image marks an even more impressive development, an ever so slight glimpse of the Tales of Vesperia logo. As we know, Vesperia was released in the states on the Xbox 360. The Playstation 3 port features exclusive content including the addition of a extra playable character (Patty Fleur). Perhaps Namco is planning to release both titles in the states? We won’t know until they make a formal announcement. Until then, this is as much of a confirmation as we’ll get from them.

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