More Spider-Man Photos Supporting the ‘Wrestling Suit’ Theory

It seems like since the first shots of Spidey’s new costume were released, forums have erupted with activity. There is a theory going around that the new suit we have seen could just be Spidey’s suit from his wrestling days. One reader on SuperHeroHype was able to connect the suit to the comic series Spider-Man: With Great Power. The five-issue series was a short retelling of the origin of Spider-man.

The suit definitely matches up. From the spider symbol to the clear eye holes, it would appear that it is in fact his wrestling suit. So do they plan to change it later?

I, for one, don’t like the suit. I think it looks weird and you can’t beat the classic Spider-Man look. So I can only hope that we will be seeing new shots of ol’ red and blue in the upcoming months.

Source: On Location

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