The Nintendo eShop for the 3DS

At the third quarterly financial briefing, Nintendo’s president, Mr. Satoru Iwata, has covered the new way to shop for apps and other downloaded software on the 3DS

  1. As the first firmware update, Nintendo will allow users to re-download the already purchased DSiware titles from their DSi to their 3DS, and they will also be able to download a free web browser from the new eShop.
  2. The second scheduled firmware update will allow the users to transfer the 3DS downloaded titles between two different 3DS systems. Though expect the amount to transfer the titles be limited.
  3. The eShop for the 3DS will work a lot differently than the Wii Shop Channel or the DSi shop, just to enhance the experiences for the users.
  4. On top of everything else that is being offered in the eShop, there will be 3D classics, which are just NES games with stereoscopic 3D effects added to them, avaliable for download

All these features will greatly enhance how we see the the new handheld, and it will also set a new bar for the world of handheld gaming.

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