EVA-02 Head & Evangelion Hotel Room Planned

On Wednesday Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park announced that it will unveil a true to life scale of the head of the EVA-02 unit in ‘The Beast’ mode from popular anime Evangelion on March 19th.  It will accompany the to life scale EVA-01 unit that has already been built.  On March 1st the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa will also offer Japan’s first EVA themed guest room.

The room will feature an entry plug shaped bed where guests can watch DVDs while lying on their backs.  Guests will also have the option of scheduling a wake up call exclusively recorded with the character Rei Ayanami’s voice.  An interactive voice touch panel and telephone will also emit comments in Rei’s voice.  Lines of dialogue and graphics will also appear on the wall with use of black light lamps.  The room will also feature a life size statue of Rei, as well as replicas of original Evagelion artwork.  Reservations for the room will cost 370,000 yen ($450US) per night (subject to seasonal price changes).

Along with the new additions the area around the EVA-01 statue will be revamped into a launch test area, more passageways will be constructed, and the recreation of Nerv’s entrance, elevator, and rest area would be made.  A life size statue of the character Mari will also be created.

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