PSP2 Is Tentatively Called ‘Next Generation Portable’

Right now, Sony’s is holding its Press Conference in Tokyo. The big announcement reveals the official new look about the new PSP. What’s interesting is Sony opts not to call it the PSP2, but Next Generation Portable(NGP).

Specs according to Sony are a new 5-inch OLED touchscreen at 960×544 resolution (compared to the PSP’s 480×272 pixel resolution). Connectivity includes Wifi, 3G, and GPS. After so many cries about needing a 2nd analog stick, the NGP will have 2 analog sticks, one situated under the D-Pad and the other under the Buttons. Perhaps what I think is the most interesting feature is a touch sensitive back panel. I wonder how developers will integrate this for interesting game mechanics.

From the images provided by Sony thus far, it seems the Xross Media Bar will not be making its return in the NGP. In fact, it resembles a Smartphone Home Screen more than a typical Menu hub.

Sony has states that the NGP will be available in Japan this Holiday. (Winter 2011?)

This post will be updated as more information streams out of the press conference.

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