After the excitement we had over the weekend, Konami has decided to surprise us some more with the announcement of the next installment in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card video game series World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus.

The new game will have over 4200 cards, included the fully updated Storm of Ragnarok set. The game will feature new engine, which will facilitate faster duels and give the players the ultimate dueling experience. The game will also contain the following features:

Battle anyone, anywhere, anytime via Wi-Fi connection and compete in weekly duel championships each with new rules and live leader boards!

– REPLAY: Replay has been added, giving duelists the chance to save a duel and review it again to see where they had the most success or lost; even see what moves the computer made!

– DECK DIAGNOSTICS: The Deck Diagnostics tool continues to give players instant feedback by offering players the chance to evaluate their decks and create better hands for dueling.

– DUEL PUZZLE EDITOR: The Duel Puzzle Editor allows players to post questions and answers via Wi-Fi connection while gaining points and rankings.

– TUTORIALS: Beginning duelists can jump right into the game with the all new in-game tutorial that includes instructions, in-deck structuring, and coaching tools to make the best “next move.”

With a brand new story, more cards, updated graphics and game engine, this will be one of the best dueling game of all time.

Each copy of the game will be packaged with 3 exclusive game cards. The game is dated to be released sometimes during Spring of 2011.

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