GamesRadar Iphone App

Who needs those fancy expensive $20 Strategy Guides? Popular Gaming Website, GamesRadar, recently released their much helpful iPhone app into the wild. Besides often reading their top ten features, I would often look for little tricks to get the most out of my games. With this brand new app, it seeks to consolidate all those cheats, walkthroughs, tips all into one little tiny app and on the go. It claims to have over 8,600 titles across just about every platform that’s been released in the past 10 years.(Yes that includes the DreamCast as well) The biggest draw about it is that it’s absolutely FREE!  I managed to give the app a whirl.

Clocking in at 3.1 megs, I was surprised at how small it actually was. With so many titles you think all that text would at least make up a lot of bytes. Once you start the app, you are taken to a page with big buttons that lets you search for either the title or even just scroll through game alphabetically. That one RPG boss giving you a hard time? No problem. Just search and get some helpful tips, while very simple and straight forward to use. Just want to see what little Easter eggs developers put into the game for players to discover? They’re got those too. What is most interesting is the app updates often so when new games come out, people won’t be stuck waiting for a solution. All in all, it is a very nifty app that you can access whenever you want on the go. (Making mobile gaming so much easier without lugging big strategy guides or having to search the web on spotty wifi access!) Overall this app is great for on the go gamers who need help on that one game with no computer nearby or even great for those of you who don’t want to get up and spend all that time searching for that next hint/ tip you need.

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