Green Lantern/Flashpoint Free Comic Book Day Edition

Each year many of your local comic book stores hosts Free Comic Book Day on the first Saturday of May with parties and signings.  It’s a fantastic way for the industry to do something special for the fans and reach out to new readers alike by offering a series of free comic books.  This year DC will be releasing a special 2011 Green Lantern/Flashpoint book that has something for both long time fans and new readers alike.  This will be a reprinting of Green Lantern #30 the orgin story of how and why Hal Jordin received the power ring which turned him into the emerald knight.  Also included is an exclusive preview of Flashpoint, DC’s big event of 2011 by the duo of Geoff Johns (Blackest Night and Infinite Crisis) and Andy Kubert (Batman: Batman & Son and Ultimate X-Men).

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