‘Steampunk Palin’ the Comic Book

Some of you may have notice the popularity of steampunk in the media of late. Those strange men and women in brass and leather.  Now close your eyes and imagine Sarah Palin… you still with me? Pretty sure a few of you now have closed the window, but for those of you who are still with me, now slap on some gears, brass, and etc.  What do you have now?  The one and only Steampunk Palin. Can’t picture it? Well maybe this would help.

Did I just blow your mind?  I know mine was blown when I first saw this.  No this is not a joke, this is reality.  Also apparently President Obama is in this as a character dubbed ‘Robama’, John McCain with a mechanized arm, and Al Gore as the villain.  Seriously… I am not making this up! Don’t believe me? Well grab a copy for yourself and check it out.  But be warned… much like the fabled Necronomicon, you just may go insane as you plummet into its dark pages.

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