New Editor in Chief at Marvel

A few weeks ago Marvel announced that there will be a new Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. Axel started at Marvel on September 2000 as Senior Editor. He was promoted to VP, Executive Editor early 2010. And now Axel will be the new Editor in Chief as of January 4th.

Though Joe Quesada is no longer EIC, he will stay as Marvels Chief Creative Officer, which oversees creative areas for film, television, publishing and online, as well. Axel will be taking control in a year where they will kill 1 of the 4 Fantastic 4 and unveiling a new event called “Fear Itself” that will play on contemporary concerns and fears.

Alonso was the one that oversaw the cross-promotion project of ESPN the Magazine. I was a big fan of this particular magazine. Aside from this, he will oversee publishing aspect, advice on creative direction, as well as help develop new stories and initiatives for the Marvel Heroes and Villains.

Since this story has been out already, let me be the last person to say, “Welcome and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Marvel.”

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