Batmobile for Sale!

Looks like the gas prices are so high that even the Dark Knight is selling off his ride on ebay.  At the moment of writing this article the bid has gone up to $301,100.00 with buy it now price of $499,000.00.  This is the actual legally authorized Batmobile with full documentation from the film ‘Batman Returns’ starring Michael Keaton and is only the second authentic ‘Batman Returns’ Batmobile ever offered for sale.

This sweet ride features a Chevy 350 CU Target Crate engine featuring Hedman headers, Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold, and other performance upgrades which gives it in excess of 200 horsepower.  An upgraded fuel injection, 8 gallon Harwood Fuel Cell, Monroe Air Shocks, Mickey Thompson Indy Profile L-60X15 Front, and Sportsman 33X19.50 15LT rear tires with the famous Batman Hubs.  Both the front and rear of the car have full hydraulics which makes it simple to load and unload from its new custom trailer (included with the sale).

This Batmobile is scheduled to be auctioned off on live national television in a few days after this auction ends, unless someone ponies up the cash to buy it first.  So if you got the scratch laying around maybe you can pick up that copy of Batman: Arkham City in style.

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