Silent Hill’s Team Silent Disappears into the Fog Thanks to Konami?

Kenzie LaMar, an artist that has worked on Silent Hill: Homecoming, speaks out and said that the original development team for Silent Hill, Team Silent, was let go not because Team Silent wanted to move on, but because Konami lost faith in them and wanted the new Silent Hill games to have a more western flair.

Just remember and never forget that if you don’t like the direction of where Silent Hill went the only people you can blame are Konami themselves. They are the ones who canned team Silent and wanted someone else to make the games. And Konami wanted the games to be different. That’s why team Silent was disbanded. From what I heard they were very happy with the games made by Double Helix and Climax. They were losing faith in the franchise for years. And to further prove what I am saying, they made an arcade style Silent Hill shoot’em’up gun game!! How Silent Hill is that?!

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I can for sure say that my interest in Silent Hill has gone downhill since Konami decided on a new developing team that’s not based in Japan. The whole thing that made Silent Hill was the way Team Silent used their Japanese themes and inserted them into a Western setting.

From Silent Hill 1 to Silent Hill 4, the focus was on regular people who were faced with something extraordinary; for example, you have a father who’s looking for his daughter, a husband looking for his dead wife, a daughter who’s looking for answers, and a guy who wakes up stuck in a room. The first console Silent Hill game by an external developer, Silent Hill: Homecoming has you playing a military guy who knows how to handle a gun.

Well, we have more tough guys coming along the way with the next installment, Silent Hill: Downpour, where you play an escaped inmate stranded in the Southeast region of Silent Hill.

Source: Kenzie LaMar’s deviantART via Hell Descent

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