Steampunk Deadpool With Kung Fu Grip Action!

Ok, maybe this Steampunk Deadpool action figure doesn’t have that G.I. Joe kung fu grip action but custom builder Jin Saotome has created this and many other custom action figures that are just plain awesome.  The steampunk merc with a mouth stands at 6″ and was made from a Judge Dread body, Ultimate Captain America lower legs, Moon Knight’s head with sculpted on goggles and seams, movie Blackheart coat, and Batman pouches.

Another recent build is Mr. Stars and Stripes himself, Captain American wielding what looks like a clockwork shield.  Cap’s body was made with an Air Strike Wolverine action figure with Loki legs, Lex Luthor’s right hand, Medieval Spawn’s left hand, X3 Juggernaut’s feet, and a DC Direct Dr. Midnight’s head.  The shield itself was scratchbuilt using a circular base, with cogs and gears fitted to the face, and building a styrene frame around that.  For more of his work check out the man’s website Jin Saotome’s Dangerous Toys.

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