CES 2011: Panasonic Shows Off a Beast!!

While touring the Panasonic floor, there were lots to see. There were their 3D televisions, tablets, internet connected televisions, online gaming, 3D video camera, 3D digital camera, and a new weight watching app.

The 3D televisions that were shown ranged from good to cool to monstrous. Panasonic was one of the big industry giants to show off their new 3D televisions. Along with their 3D televisions they showed off their 3D video camera and cameras. They also showed off their internet connected televisions and they also showed a new factor to help those in the workout mood.

The 3D televisions were the big news around CES this year and Panasonic did not disappoint on their selection. They ranged from 30” models to the monstrous 152” model. During our tour of the Panasonic floor, or should I say sector, I was blown away by their 3D sets. Though some could have been much better with their Infinite Black; others were right on. I got a chance to view the 152” it looked nice but it still had ways to go. Some of the Blacks were not black enough. This was the largest television set I’ve seen in 3D, unless you count projection screens. But it has a bright future if they keep working on it. And these TV’s are not just 3D enabled but also internet connected.

With these TVs you can not only watch in 3D but also play online, watch Netflix, Hulu +, etc. And when you are done watching TV and surfing the web; you can keep track of how much weight you’ve lost or gained (doesn’t really show gain). It works with the Body Media monitoring equipment. It connects to the TV via Wi-Fi called Wi-Things; it posts your calories lost, how long you’ve been working out and it also shows the goals.

The future of Panasonic looks bright. They will be a major player in the 3D TV game. Oh, also something cool I saw while walking the Panasonic floor. It was a giant sand sculpture of Neytiri. Not a big fan of the movie but it was a cool sculpture.

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