CES 2011: FashionWare Mixes Fashion and High-Tech Gadgets Together

Nerd Reactor attended the FashionWare runway show during CES 2011 that featured fashion inspired by technology. The show was held inside the Fashion Mall in Las Vegas and was a nice change of pace from all the tablets and 3D technology that took over the CES show floor. In attendance were popular female bloggers in the tech world including Cool Mom Tech and BlogHer. The show was pretty unique and makes me want to be a fashion designer now.

I’d like to give special props to all the models and designers for showing off the sleek and sexy tech outfits on the runway. Alright enough of my chatter, let’s get on with the show!

Above we have the Blogger Ware Mom. Her tech gear includes the Looxcie, a small camcorder that records everything you see. She is seen wearing the Kamerflage Thunder Cloud and Lightening Bolt dress with a Fibanacci scarf.

Sports Ware Mom

She is sporting the BodyMedia FIT, a smartphone weight management system that allows for easy logging of food. She’s wearing the New Balance Control Capris Pants for leg support, sneakers for enhanced muscle toning, and tank top and jacket for wind and water resistance.

Green Ware Mom

With technology, it’s hard these days to conserve energy. With the Solar Backpack, you can be green while looking good.With 4 Watts of power, one hour of sun gets you three hours of talk time and a a battery that can store one and a half phone charges. For clothing, she is wearing a Plezing Jacket. The notebook she is carrying is the Lenova IdeaPad, where you can watch 3D content or even change it from a laptop to a tablet, depending on the model.

Mobile Ware Dad

The only dad of the show, he is holding an LED Umbrella, a perfect tool to stay dry while also showing you the light. The shirt he is wearing is an MP3 Interactive T-Shirt. It has a working speaker embedded in the front. It features a slot for SD cards where you can load your own MP3 files.

Living Ware Mom

It’s tough being a girl in a world filled with danger, so it’s only practical that every girl should carry a Taser that matches your wardrobe. The Taser C2 allows just that and is very effective from up to 15 feet away. She is wearing a Twinkle Pad Dress that lights up and twinkles depending on the wearer’s voice and sounds in her environment. The shades are Oakley’s 3D Gascan Glasses that will make you the coolest looking person in the theater.

Check out the gallery for more photos and other outfits. Thanks to Diana Eng for coming up with the designs for some of the clothing.

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