iPhone & Verizon in Cahoots

It was only a matter of time before loyal Verizon wireless customers would finally get their hands on the iPhone. Verizon announced today that it would start selling a CDMA version of the iPhone4 next month.

Lowell McAdam, president and chief operating officer of Verizon was extremely happy with the public announcement, and had this to say:

“Today, two industry innovators are coming together to deliver something consumers have been hungry for for year.”  “We are bringing to market the fruit of our strategic partnership with a giant in the market, and that is Apple.”

Mr. McAdam added:

“We spent a year in extensive testing and design to make sure it was up to our standard.”

Industry analysis believe this will bring the smartphone market into frenzy, beginning with a drop in sales of Google based phones like the popular Droid. Verizon has their great customer service, reputation for beefing up their phones, and having superb wireless coverage while AT&T holds the biggest network available.

Will you be buying an iPhone4 from Verizon anytime soon? I’m thinking about it.

Things to know:

Preorder for pre-existing Verizon customers: February 3rd

Preorder for new customers: February 10th

16-gigabyte version: $199 with two year contract

32-gigabyte version: $299 with two year contract

Data Plan Cost: TBA

3G Wireless service

Verizons CDMA iPhone4 will not let users make calls and surf the web simultaneously.

No idea when Verizon will have a newer version running their 4G LTE Netword.

Source: New York Times

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