‘The Secret World’ Brings MMO into the Modern Day World of Secret Societies

Funcom and EA Partners announced today, January 10th, that they have agreed on co-publishing Funcom’s The Secret World, an MMO that gets away from all the fantasy worlds and brings it into the modern world.

Players can create, customize, and progress their characters without worrying about their classes and levels. The players can choose between three different secret societies to join like the Illunimati, the Templars, and the Dragons. These secret societies will fight for power over important locations like Egypt, New England, London, New York and Seoul, having the players battle against monsters of myth and legend.

The Secret World will be Funcom’s third MMO game, after Anarchy Online and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. It will be available for the PC, but the release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Check out The Secret World site.

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