Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!

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Prinnies have always had it tough. They are always at the bottom of the hierarchy, the lowest of the low and nothing more than slaves who are forced to pay for their crimes doing the dirtiest jobs all to save up enough to have their sins “forgiven”, but to fans they are the icon of Nippon Ichi games, Dood! They had their first big break back in 2009 with Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? When someone ate the newly appointed Demon Lord Etna’s sweet, the Prinnies must go out and gather ingredients for the ultimate sweet or else, and now, it’s starting all over again.

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero was one of the first non RPG games for NISA. I’m not going to lie, the game was already a very difficult game, and Prinny 2 adds to that and at the same time helps those who had so much trouble in the first one, or else they may never beat the game. Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! gives the prinnies the main stage once again after Demon Lord Etna’s Rare panties are stolen by a mysterious thief. Etna is furious and threatens to destroy every Prinny if they aren’t returned; the Prinnies had no choice of their own but to get the panties back at any means or face Etna’s fury. The Prinnies can’t do it alone. to them, being thrown is instant destruction. So Etna, being “merciful” as she is, gives them a scarf that prevents such a thing. Without knowing who stole the panties, the Prinnies come up with the idea that the thief is after very rare items they must go collecting rare items.

Difficulty ranges from Hell’s Finest (Beyond Hard), being hit once equals death for your Prinny so using all of your Prinnies abilities is needed plus very skillful hands, Standard mode (which is still pretty tough) and the newly added “Baby Mode”, which adds safety blocks and gives you extra diapers bars to refill your life, and yes you did read right. In standard mode, you have 2 scarves per Prinny and 1 per for Hell’s Finest. Baby mode gives you 3 diapers and for those tough stages a few safety blocks can make things easier. In every mode you are supplied with an army of 1.000 Prinnies to get the job done. The Prinnies come with a mix of techniques to use to beat all enemies between them and rare items, they are equipped with 2 swords which slice and dice enemies and when airborne create ripple attacks which can help attack enemies who are a bit far off. They also have a hip attack, so while over an enemy holding the down and jump button cause the Prinnies to drop on their enemies, stunning them to create more damage as they are in a stunned state. Lastly, a spinning ability creates a small invisibility period for the Prinny as well a dash ability to get out of those bad situations. New to the game is a bonus state when enough damage is given to your enemies via attacks, hip drops or even collecting sweets the Prinnies attack damage is increased as well as some special techniques.

You must make your way through 10 stages with your army of Prinnies, each stage changes depending on what time you play it through giving you different stages, enemies, rare items, bosses and even story every new game plus giving you tons of replay options for those hardcore players which gets pretty tough. Each time you play through a stage, the stage will be completely different when you take them in different order so the earlier you play a stage the easier it is and the later you play it harder enemies more pitfalls you can expect.

If you spent time looking around the castle and finding the 10 hidden tickets during each intermission you unlock the special game “Asagi Wars: The Vengeance of Asagi”. For those of you unfamiliar with Asagi, she is a hidden or unique character in dozens of Nippon Ichi games where in each game she looks different and has a different voice actor. In the first Prinny game she fought against the Prinnies to gain a main character standing, she was getting there but sadly lost her life at the end only to be reincarnated as a Prinny. In Prinny 2 she again takes the stage as a contest to find the best Asagi is announced via battles and Prinny Asagi takes the stage to be the one true Asagi. Equipped with an arsenal of guns she goes through each stage ready to take down every Asagi all to become number 1 and a main character.Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! is one of those tough action games you love to play (and after losing so much curse for awhile before jumping back on) because of the challenge the game offers on all modes. While playing Baby Mode does offer some easier stages thanks to the safety blocks and a few weaker bosses, it still doesn’t take away from the difficulty this game brings. I first played normal mode and had 350 Prinnies left, in Baby mode I had about 450 and in Hell’s Finest I had 20 left but overall the game kept me on my PSP for weeks with the Prinny 2, Asagi Wars and playing with the unlockable characters so make sure you really explore the stages and collect your sweets. If I had one complaint on the game it would be the lack of Japanese voices for the game, I’m too used to being able to select my Japanese track from the start but everything else in this game is awesome minus the hours of yelling at your PSP you will be doing.


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