Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Pictures and Information Revealed

Are you ready to face the frosty lands of Skyrim, brave warriors? Scans of GameInformer magazine have been unleashed upon the internet, and finally we’re getting to see what Bethesda has been working on since their last game, Fallout 3. They’re not the clearest scans, but hopefully they’ll release a trailer soon so we can get a better look at the game in action.

Unlike previous games, you might actually wanna' buy the barmaid a drink this time

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim appears to have many changes in store for us. For one thing, the NPCs don’t look wretched anymore, and Bethesda says they’re using a new engine. There will apparently be dynamic snow, wind that will cause tree branches and plants to sway, and ::gasp:: water that is affected by the wind too! There are five massive cities in the game, and you can find various things to do such as smithing, farming, woodcutting, mining, and cooking. Dragons may attack cities as well. There seems to be a lot of little details added that will make the game feel much more alive than the previous iterations.

Some of the gameplay changes include Fallout-3-esque perks that will be obtained as you level up that may affect your combat skills, or possibly how you are able to interact with non-playable characters. You can also dual-wield, allowing for combinations such as two daggers, a sword and a magic spell, and two magic spells of the same kind for greater effect. They’ve also done away with forcing players to choose their major and minor skills before they’ve even gotten a feel for the game. In Skyrim, you just use whatever skills you like, and you’ll level up by doing so. It seems to be a trend in gaming these days, but you can now sprint. Another cool feature is that quests may change according to what skills you’ve acquired. As far as customizing your hero goes, there are ten races from which you may choose to be, and you can edit not only your character’s face, but their body as well. Oh, and you can now add beards, though it is still unclear as to whether or not the beards are limited to the male warriors ::crosses fingers::.

It seems Bethesda has finally done what the fans have wanted – make their game with a new much-needed engine. The game looks great. I can’t wait to get lost in Elder Scrolls 5 on November 11th, 2011.

Check out the gallery below. To get an even better look, be sure to save the pictures and zoom in on them. The picture in the upper-right of the gallery even shows a broken tree! I wonder if there are significant destructibles in the game?

Thanks go out to Gamingeverything for the screen shots, and Destructoid for the information.

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