CES 2011: Sony and Toshiba Showoff Their ‘Work-in-Progress’ Glasses-Free 3D TVs

It seems like the general dislike of 3D TVs is the inconvenience of wearing pricey, uncomfortable glasses within the comfort of your own home.  For quite sometime now, there have been numerous reports on the tech race for the first perfect Glasses-Free 3D TV.  At this year’s CES, Sony and Toshiba showed attendees their prototypes for this new technology that they have been hard at work on.

Out of the two, Sony seemed to have the edge on the competition. Their display was quiet impressive, as you could see the display in 3D off center from both sides. Naturally, the “sweet spot” in the middle has the best 3D effect but there are still issues with objects in the foreground looking like they were part of the background. Still, for a “work-in-progress” the TV is a reassurance that glasses free 3D is not that far away.

Toshiba’s display was just horrible in my opinion and is years behind Sony’s.  Images on the screen looked like you were seeing double and at one point, turning my head at a 45-degree angle seemed to clear up the picture and resolve the problem, with some cons.

It was great to see that 3D technology is still advancing, being perfected and having a sense of reassurance that it will be more than just a novelty and is here to stay.

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