CES 2011: MSI Overclocking Competition

MSI invited Nerd Reactor to an extreme computer overclocking competition they were hosting during CES. MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) 2011: Operation Las Vegas was also livecast via justin.tv and boasted over 800 viewers at one point. During this livecast, MSI was giving away full version codes to 3Dmark11 in addition to other prizes.

The basic premise of this event is that several teams are given the same tools to build a PC. They may employ different methods such as supercooling and liquid nitrogen to get better benchmarks than the competition.

MSI reserved the entire Pole Position Raceway for this event. There were about 10 tables set up with each team furiously working to keep their systems cool during the benchmarking tests. The common actions that we were seeing was continuously filling the CPU heatsink reservoirs with liquid nitrogen. While the competition was going on, there was a DJ spinning, while a host stood above all on a stage next to a large projection screen. Since this was a live webcast, there were camera crews and other members of the press observing the event. The winner of the Las Vegas event will go on to the finals in China.

The equipment that each team is working with is as follows:
-MSI Big Bang-XPower Motherboard
-Intel® Core™ i7-980X Processor Extreme Edition
-MSI N580GTX Graphics Card
-Patriot Viper II Sector 7 Series Memory Kit
-Western Digital VelociRaptor HD
-Antec CP-1000 Power Supply
-Tt eSPORTS CHALLENGE Pro Gaming Keyboard
-Tt eSPORTS BLACK Gaming Mouse

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