CES 2011: Intel Press Conference

The biggest news from the Intel Press Conference, Sandy Bridge core processors. These processors are the second generation of the Intel Core i7, i5, and i3 processors. This techy, but more importantly lively, press conference was kept upbeat through Mooly Eden’s upbeat delivery of facts and tidbits of today’s PC computing market. Mooly Eden is the Vice President of the PC Client Group (PCCG).

The news of product launches was paramount during this conference, but as I mentioned above, it’s all about the delivery. We can see Intel’s humor demonstrated in the picture above when they were explaining that Intel caters to its customer’s needs when creating its products. The general population’s needs referring to email, pictures, and watching videos over the net, but more specifically: Intel Quick Sync Video, Intel Clear Video HD Technology, Intel InTru 3D, and Intel Insider.

Addressing the customer’s needs is Intel’s goal, so slides like these demonstrated trends of the computing market.

Comparison of the 2nd and 1st generation i7 chips.

Live face rendering of Mooly Eden’s face. The facial expressions of the demonstrator are actively captured and rendered by Intel’s new i7 chip.

Gabe Newell, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Valve puts his support behind Intel and speaks of Valve games in the works like Portal 2.

President of Warner Bros Home Entertainment, Kevin Tsujihara, talks about exclusive content that only owners of Intel’s new i7 processor can experience. This is due to a new feature called Intel Insider. It is basically an additional layer of hardware DRM control that will be used to protect intellectual property. This is probably the most debatable feature of these new chips. Regardless, Nerd Reactor will keep you updated. Stay tuned for more hardware news from CES 2011!

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