CES 2011: LG Press Conference

Live from the floors of CES (literally, I’m typing this from the conference room floor), LG just kicked off the CES Day 0 Press Day. The expected “hot” product this year is expected to be tablets to compete with the Apple Ipad. Although there were no breakthroughs in LG’s morning press conference, there will be a separate conference held tomorrow to solely discuss LG’s entrance into the tablet business.

Jane Lynch, of Glee fame, was the LG spokesperson although she was not there in person. Her prerecorded video introduction was as vibrant as her on-air persona. Her appearances were solely used at the beginning and the end of the press conference.

Crowd shot from the stage.

Wayne Parker, LG President and first speaker. He spoke about some general sales numbers and the LG brand identity as a whole.

Skott Ahn, CEO, introduces some new features for their 3D TV line. Gone are the expensive active-3D glasses, and in is the new (and inexpensive) passive-3D glasses. According to the above powerpoint, there is a 180 degree viewing range. Impressive by any benchmark.

The above slide show boasts OLED technology which is pretty new to consumer technology. Note the thin-ness of the sample in the middle.

LG’s bread and butter, it’s mobile line. The new Optimus 2x will bosat a Dual Core 1 ghz processor.

Improvement and innovation to home appliances. LG introduces a cell phone app which will actively monitor the power efficiency in your home and more.

LG is redesigning the remote this year with a common feature that any Nintendo player can identify. A minimalistic design with only a couple buttons. Most remote selections are made by pointing the remote at the screen a la Nintendo Wii-mote.

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