Newest Tomb Raider Screens Look Great

Has it been too long since you last played a Tomb Raider game? Lara’s been around for about a decade, but I never really cared for her games; her sex appeal has probably always been the biggest draw, with some decent/good gaming on the side. Looking at these newest screen-shots from GameInformer magazine though, it feels like maybe the Tomb Raider franchise is being taken a little bit more seriously by its developers/publishers. The new game, simply titled, “Tomb Raider”, focuses more on Lara’s survival. Enjoy the screen-shots for now until the second reboot of the series is released.

More actual screen-shots and some concept art can be found at GameInformer’s website, here.

Since the idea of a reboot can generate such attention, Mega 64 has decided to do one too.

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