Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Inside Look with the Naughty Dog Team and Screenshots and Gameplay Videos, Oh My!

With Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception being announced recently, Nerd Reactor was able to chat up with Naughty Dog, the creative team behind Uncharted 3, at a press event. Among the team were Taylor Kurosaki (Cinematic Production Lead), Erick Pangilinan (Art Director) and Richard Lemarchand (Lead Game Designer). Coming out of the interview, it’s clear that we’ll get to see more of an in-depth relationship between Nathan Drake and Sully (no, not in that way).

“One of the themes of this game is going to be friends and family and how your closest friends are affectively your closest family. You’ll have to have trust in people,” says Taylor Kurosaki.

Taylor talks about how it’s easy to be dismissive of older people for not being fast enough, but they have wisdom, and we really shouldn’t underestimate people. He adds that Drake is questioning how valuable certain people are to him, only to realize that his friends and family are everything.

In regards to the Uncharted Movie, Taylor says that Naughty Dog is involved in it and doesn’t want the movie to be a literal translation of the game. As long as the movie feels like it’s in the same Uncharted universe, certain things can be different.

Uncharted 3 Art Director, Erick Pangilinan, reveals that the game will have a warmer palette, compared to Uncharted 2’s cooler one. The warmer palette will compliment the exotic locations that Nathan will be traveling including the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The level structure is the same, more or less. The difference is the density, since more is happening in the same area in the game.

Richard Lemarchand, the lead game designer, talked about the game engine and how it will stream levels like in Uncharted 2, meaning that the gamers never have to experience any load times after the initial one. He says doing this helps with creating a large roaming environment. Richard then goes on to say that Uncharted 3 will have the same type of storytelling as Uncharted 2.

The Naughty Dog team really couldn’t reveal more, so we’ll just have to wait for some more news. November 1, 2011 feels so far away.

Special thanks to Sam Leon for helping us.

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