Bad Robot Mascot Gets His Own Figure

Easily one of the most memorable production studio mascot is JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot. Bad Robot’s face has graced many of JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk’s productions, from the early days of Alias to the big screen in Super 8. Now, for the first time he is finally getting his own figure!

QMx Online has release a limited edition figure of the tiny red robot. Each figure stands at 10 inches, is hand painted and includes his very own Slusho drink. There are only 1,000 made so you might want to pre-order them now.  For $89.99, you can’t go wrong to own a little piece of some of your favorite TV shows and films.

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Extra tidbit: At the end of every show, “BAD ROBOT!” is voiced over by JJ’s children, Henry and Gracie Abrams

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