The Urkel Initiative: Waging War on Saggy Pants with the 90’s Lovable Nerd

I never quiet fully understood the attraction of saggy pants. Even as a kid I always thought that if something catastrophic ever happen and I need to run really fast, I would be screwed because I would trip over myself and get trampled by the hordes of people running for their lives. Still, today the fashion trend stays a steeple for most young kids but one school aims to change that with the help of Steven Q. Urkel.

Westside Middle School has gain a lot of media attention for their efforts to have a sagging free school with The Urkel Initiative. A new rule that enforces if any student is caught with saggy pant, their pants are then lifted high above their waist and zip-tied so they remain there till the end of the day. Also, kids that are caught have their picture taken and put on The Wall of Shame, and teachers that aid in a student being Urkelized get a trophy for their efforts.

I think it is a great idea and I totally understand Principal Bobby Whites reason.

What we wanted to do with our changing of the culture is to think of something that could stick with them but not seem as though they were being punished and add a little humor to it all at the same time.

You’re not gonna go into a job interview where they can see your underwear. You’re not gonna be hired. So we’re gonna teach you [that] right now.

Source: WREG

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