This Is What Happens When Important Features Are Taken Away

Remember the guys who broke the Wii wide open and created the Home Brew Channel on it? They are back at this year’s 27th Chaos Communication Conference claiming that they

Newest Tomb Raider Screens Look Great

Has it been too long since you last played a Tomb Raider game? Lara’s been around for about a decade, but I never really cared for her games; her sex

Tomar-Re in Live-Action as Seen in Green Lantern Comic

This week’s Green Lantern issue contains a cool image of Tomar-Re from the Green Lantern live-action movie. I just hope that Ryan Reynold’s outfit will look as cool as Tomar-Re’s

Blackbeard’s Flag in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Mr. Jerry Bruckeimer has graced us with a new photo for Blackbeard’s flag. The flag is a skull with flames surrounding it. I didn’t know Michael Bay was involved in

3DS Is NOT for Kids Warns Nintendo

Nintendo has issued a statement warning kids that they should NOT play with the Nintendo 3DS. The age in question is any anyone under 6 years of age. The reason

Here Comes the Next Action MMORPG: CORE BLAZE

Here comes a new MMORPG called Core Blaze by Gamania. It’s being dubbed the “Eastern Fantasy MMORPG” and will have some competition from the current Vindictus and future Action MMOs

Little Big Planet 2 Demo Out Now

Fans of platformers should sign in to the Playstation Network now to download the demo for Little Big Planet 2. There are three levels available in the demo: Tower of

ARCHOS 70 Internet Tablet: The First Android Tablet with 250 GB HDD Available Right Now

And here I thought the iPad was just going to be a fad. Different companies are embracing the tablet format, and with that I bring you news of the Archos

2 New Sneak Peeks for NBC’s ‘The Cape’

NBC’s The Cape is almost upon us and here are two sneak peeks from the show with introduction from Summer Glau and The Cape’s David Lyons. It’s nice to see

Classes Unveiled for Online Dating MMORPG ‘Lucent Heart’

Gamania has unveiled the different classes that will be in the online dating MMORPG Lucent Heart. Check out the classes information and gallery below. Lucent Heart Advanced Classes Fact Sheet

Skrulls and Kree Will Not Be in The Avengers

In a recent article from Albuquerque Journal, they mentioned that the Skrulls and Kree will be in The Avengers movie. “The Avengers” script will blend “Iron Man,” “Thor” and “Captain

Mark Wahlberg, Joe Pesci, and Robert De Niro NOT in Uncharted Movie?

According to Joystiq, it seems that Mark Wahlberg being Nathan Drake and the whole “family dynamic” with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are just rumors. “First of all, all

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Inside Look with the Naughty Dog Team and Screenshots and Gameplay Videos, Oh My!

With Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception being announced recently, Nerd Reactor was able to chat up with Naughty Dog, the creative team behind Uncharted 3, at a press event. Among the

New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Leaves You Wanting More

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! For those of you who don’t celebrate, Happy Holidays! While the nerds have taken a little time off to be with loved ones

J. Scott Campbell’s FairyTale Fantasies Gets Sexy

J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl, Gen13) has brought us to our supper table his first calendar dubbed Fairy Tale Fantasies 2010 calendar, featuring the sexy hotties from your favorite fairy

Oh Yeah, NERD REACTOR STORE Is Now Open: Get Your NERDZILLA T-Shirt Today!

Hey there nerds and nerdettes! Our store is finally open where we’re selling our very own Nerd Reactor’s Nerdzilla T-shirts. So come on down to the store and check out

Dead Space 2 Trailer Extravaganza!

The newest trailer for the anticipated Dead Space 2 game, and the trailer for the official animated DVD.

Harley Quinn in Her Classic Outfit in DC Universe Online

Here are some nice screenshots of Harley Quinn, a fan favorite, for DC Universe Online. A lot of fans have been disappointed with the outfit changes in Arkham Asylam and

Justice League Cartoon Gets Young January 7

Cartoon Network announced that The Justice League is getting an animated series called Young Justice, which is based off of the Young Justice series in the late 90s and will

Free 8-bit Ninja Game On PC? Ninja Senki’s Got You Covered

If you like Mega Man, or anything that’s similar to it, you ought to check out Ninja Senki; it’s a new game from the developer who created “Scott Pilgrim vs