FOX Sues Middle-Aged Mother for $15 Million over Distributing the Leaked Deadpool Script

Remember how awesome it was when the Deadpool script got leaked? Fans were happy and new life was breathed into the project that many believe would be canceled.  Well now that’s all over and FOX thinks it’s high time that somebody pay for this breach in security.

Meet Patricia McIlvaine, a middle-aged mother who is a struggling screenwriter that sells flowers over the phone just to get by. In her spare time she gathers scripts for her online library on Media Fire in order to assist other screenwriters with their own work. On the day she was suppose to celebrate the baptism of her youngest child she received the shock of her life.

Two strangers knocked on her door and informed her, in front of her children, 20th Century Fox was suing her for 15 million dollars. Two hours later, after grilling her with questions for two solid hours, they left her stunned and crying in her living room staring at a business card that stated they were “private investigators.”

PJ (Patricia) is not the person who originally leaked the script, many analyst believe that this is FOX’s way of making an example out of someone in order to detour more leaks in the future.  The analyst also believed that FOX won’t get nearly a 4th of what they’re asking for but that’s not really the point. Patricia just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Many screenwriters download and share scripts amongst each other in order to learn what is working  that is getting these scripts turned into big budget movies. We’ll keep you posted as more unveiled on this story.

Source: Celluloid Blond

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