Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Director Irvin Kershner Passes Away

A lot of sad news recently, with the death of Leslie Nielsen, we now have the death of director Irvin Kershner of Star Wars Empire Strikes Back fame. He died at the age of 87, his goddaughter Adriana Santini told AFP today.

Oh man, it makes me sad that I wasn’t able to attend his panel at a convention this year to hear his story. His Star Wars sequel is one my favorite Star Wars movie. In the movie, we have the introduction to master Yoda and Luke confronting Darth Vader and finding out he’s his dad. It doesn’t get any more dramatic than that.

He also directed “Never Say Never Again” with Sean Connery in 1983, and Robocop II in 1990. I enjoyed Robocop II with Robocop fighting against Cain. ED-209 is the shit, but having an evil human soul inside a robot is pretty creepy.

Irvin Kershner will be missed, and it’s a sad news today for geeks.

Source: Yahoo News

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