The Shadowsphere – DJ Shadow’s New Visual Performance

DJ Shadow has been in the turntabilist scene for nearly seventeen years now. He’s been doing this for a long time, and only now has he finally taken that giant leap to push himself, and his audience to that visual cutting edge. The DJ, producer, and recent r&d specialist, born Josh Davis, is currently on tour putting your eyes through a visual journey with “Live From The Shadwosphere”.

“I’m inside the sphere on stage, and the audience is seeing me there with the back visuals, so there’s two planes. It had to swivel because I didn’t want to be hidden from the crowd the whole time either; there’s also an opening in the back that allows that.”

Even though DJ Shadow has never took that huge leap with a technology driven centerpiece like DJ artists, Daft Punks pyramid, Etienne de Crécys cube, Deadmau5’s wall housing, or David Guettas laser robots, his new approach has turned out for the best.

“We didn’t want to be projecting on flat screens anymore as we had done prior. It was really about coming up with a concept, and selling it in the visuals — now that we have about 50 shows under our belt, I’m really happy with it.”

The sphere was designed to be tour savvy. It can be packed into crates, transported, and shipped to whatever destination with ease. It is a completely projection draped sphere that has been cleverly designed and directed to go with another set of projections in the background.

“There were so many criteria that it had to meet,” says Shadow. “A lot of R&D went into it in the Bay Area. The guy who manufactured it totally nailed it.”

Throughout the show, the audience will be immersed in different striking images that go along with many of Shadows greatest hits, along with tracks from his newest album. Looks like things are still moving forward for musicians, specifically constrained DJ’s, to come up with new ways to give great performances. From a point where flashing lights and glow sticks were the pivotal eye candy, lasers, projectors, and huge stage mounted visuals, with leading edge technology, are now what’s to be expected if artist want to leave a footprint in the industry. Simply put – we love it!

Check out the video promo after the jump.

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