Nintendo Will Not be Exhibiting at CES 2011

It was thought that Nintendo would finally be back to the Consumer Electronics Expo come January 2011 after a 16 year hiatus. In fact the last time Nintendo was at the event, they showcased “Project Reality”, which later became the Nintendo 64.

Unfortunately rampant online postings has Nintendo to be showcased on the expo floor as an exhibitor come January 2011. The truth is that Nintendo will not be exhiboring at CES.

Media and analyst, Sarah Myers of CES, told us:

“Nintendo will have capacity space but will not be exhibiting which was the case in an incorrect press release.”

This just means that Nintendo has conference rooms booked for meetings with industry leaders, but will not be exhibiting on the expo floor.

All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed that Nintendo will one day be back at CES, maybe in 2012, to inspire next generation gaming electronics.

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