Help Support a First Grader Who Is a Fellow Star Wars Fan and Nerd!

A story came across our desk today at Nerd Reactor and we felt it necessary to share it with the community as well as rally our nerd troops. Here’s the story:

Katie is not only a first grader, but an avid Star Wars fan as well. When picking a backpack and water bottle for the new school year, she decided to show her nerd pride by going with Star Wars themed items and was excited about them as well.

A few weeks ago, Katie asked her mom if she could get another water bottle as she felt her Star Wars bottle was too small. She then found a pink water bottle and decided it was good enough. Katie’s mom then realized that the new bottle was not even the same size, but possible smaller than the Star Wars one. When she inquired to Katie about the change, Katie burst into tears. It turns out that the first grade boys in her class teased her because it’s a Star Wars water bottle and they say it’s only for boys. They continuously made fun of her everyday for using it, to the point where she is willing to bring something different just to make them stop.

For Katie, what was once showing support for something she loves, is now bringing a feeling of embarrassment and being bullied. Katie’s mom expressed to her that it is ok to be different, but Katie feels otherwise. She states that she “doesn’t want to be too different” and that she’s “already different.” Katie then goes on to say, “Nobody else in my class wears glasses or a patch, and nobody else was adopted.  Now I’m even more different, because of my Star Wars water bottle.”

That is pretty much the core of it, in which you can check out the full story here. Now on the article itself, there is a spot to leave comments, as I’m sure many of you might. Also, there is a Facebook campaign that was started to support Katie and her love for Star Wars. It marks December 10th as wear a Star Wars tee shirt day. Katie’s parents have also requested that in concurrence with the holiday season, to donate a Star Wars toy to children in need.

Nerd Reactor is supporting this venture 100% and will be donating Star Wars toys ourselves to kids in need. I know for a fact that I have gone through something similar when I was young, being antagonized for being a nerd and I’m sure many of you have as well. We urge anyone who reads this and/or is a Star Wars fan to do the same and support Katie who is as much of a nerd as any one of us.

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