First Spider-Man, Now Batman Has a Live Arena Show

Yes people, Batman Live will be coming to a theater near you. Well, maybe not anytime soon, but it will…eventually. The show will be on a worldwide tour starting in the UK and will continue for 5 years. The show is set to pay homage to not only the original comic, but to all the films as well. Both Batman and Robin will be facing a plethora, yes I said plethora, of villains on a 100ft stage along with a 130ft-wide video screen and 45 performers. The story itself will follow more along the lines of Dick Grayson and his becoming of Robin. Wayne Manor, the infamous Arkham Asylum and the Batcave are just a few of the locales that will be featured in the show. Theres even a 26ft Joker head that appears at some point. All in all, hopefully the show is done well and maybe it might be better than the Spider-Man Musical. The show goes live early next year.

Check out the official site here.

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