The Warrior’s Way Review: A Legend Is Born in the Epic Tale of Cowboys vs. Ninjas

The Warrior’s Way is a genre-bending action thrill ride that incorporates all the great qualities of Spaghetti Westerns and Samurai films that we know and love. International Superstar Jang Dong Gun plays The Warrior, an emotionless assassin entrusted with the task of wiping out the remaining members of his rival clan. When he comes across the last remaining member, he can’t bring himself to kill her, as she is an adorable baby girl. He then finds himself being hunted down by his own clan for treason. Forced into exile, he journeys into the unknown land of the far west to the ghost town of Lode where the epic tale begins.

The Warrior’s Way is an ode to classic westerns like The Man with No Name and samurai films like Yojimbo. Writer and Director Sngmoo Lee, has taken many elements from both genres and created something new.  He’s a fan of animes like Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin, which you can see influenced the visual style, but it is still all Lee’s own creative vision. I feel that many cosplayers will find themselves drooling over the Cowboy’s Steampunk-like attire. You’d be sure to see some of them walking around Comic-Con next year as well. This film is full of vibrant characters, from the leads to the smallest supporting roles, each person is memorable in their own way.

In his first American role, Jang Dong Gun, has created a legend, but to really see the full extent of his acting abilities I suggest you checkout Taegukgi: the Brotherhood of War. Geoffery Rush and Kate Bosworth also give some of the best performances, but it is really Danny Huston that steals the show as the villainous Colonel. Huston’s portrayal of The Colonel is sure to make everyone’s Top 10 List for Villains this year. Not only does this film have great characters, it’s got great action too. The unique blend of sword fighting and gunslinging is something that will surely captivate audiences. The last 15 minutes of the film will blow you away with the epic showdown finale between the inhabitants of Lode, The Colonel’s Gang and The Sad Flute Assassins.

If you’re a fan of Anime, Westerns and Samurai films, this is completely for you. It’s a film that will have you begging for more long after you’ve left the theater. What I loved best about the film is that it kept true to the story arc of the “lone gun man” or the “wandering swordsman.” The ending sets up a perfect continuation for a franchise (if it does well, which I hope it does). Make sure you don’t miss this film, The Warrior’s Way hits theaters December 3rd!

Grade: A+

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