Party Worldwide for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Launch Events

Mark the date December 7, 2010, for it is the day the new World of Warcraft expansion pack comes out, Cataclysm. But if you’re hardcore and want to celebrate the festivities by dancing, dressing up, or meeting developers, then December 6 is the date you should be checking. It’s a worldwide launch event, from England to Taiwan.

London, England starts off the event at GAME’s Leicester Square location. It starts at 10pm GMT and will have cosplay contest, merchandise showcase, photo ops, and giveaways. Greg Street (Lead Systems Designer) and Dave Kosak (Game Designer) from Blizzard are scheduled to attend, so keep an eye out on them.

Don’t worry, other European locations will also have events and developers attending including Scott Mercer (Lead Encounter Designer) and Patrick Magruder (Lead Software Engineer/Game Systems) attending Berlin, Cory Stockton (Lead Content Designer) and Rob Sevilla (3D Artist) attending Spain, Joe Shely (Senior Game Designer I) and Russell Brower (Director of Audio) attending Moscow, Carlos Guerrero (Sr. Game Producer) and Jesse McCree (Lead Level Designer) attending Paris, John Lagrave (Sr. Game Producer) and Gary Platner (Lead Environment Artist) attending Rotterdam, and Rob Foote (Senior Game Producer) and Ed Hanes (Level Designer) attending Stockholm.

Now onto Nerd Reactor’s home turf, Orange County, where the main U.S. launch event will be held at Fry’s Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA. Expect to see more developers there since, well, Blizzard is based in Orange County. The door is going to open at 9pm PST with festivities including The Artist Formerly Known As Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain (Blizzard’s own in-house and in-game band) and a dance contest.

Toronto, Canada is the next with Ray Cobo (Senior Game Producer) attending and will be at EBGames/GameStop located at 425 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario. The event will open 10pm EST with a dancing contest.

Lastly, we have Taiwan joining the party with Paul Sams (Chief Operating Officer) and Ion Hazzikostas (Game Designer) attending at Red House in Taipei City.

See you guys there and stay tuned for our coverage of the event.

Source: Blizzard

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