New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer

I’m continuing to hold onto the hope that when this new Deus Ex comes out, I’ll be just as immersed in it as I was back when I played the original. This new trailer shows off Adam’s ability to go invisible and see through walls and also displays some sort of rail gun that can shoot through objects. Adam can cause a large “force wave” to emanate from his body which can either stun or knock back enemies. While the enemies are stunned, it appears that a hand-to-hand finishing move can be performed, which in this case includes Adam’s awesome elbow blades, which sink themselves into enemy soldiers with ease. What is not clear though, is whether or not this blast also slows down his descent from high jumps (if it can slow down his descent, I imagine you could jump from extremely high places and land safely).


Another thing I noticed is that you can still upgrade parts of your character, just like in the original (remember, Adam is a cyborg). For example, you can upgrade your strength and the more you upgrade it, the heavier objects you will be able to lift. To me, upgrading my character and choosing to play the way I wanted to was a major part of the original game’s uniqueness.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is still scheduled to be released in Spring. If they somehow create a great game, I’ll be there at midnight for the purchase.

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