Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit PS3 Review

First of all I want to say a shout out to EA for the bomb party at Avalon in LA. The Nerd Reactor crew came, drank, played and conquered. We had a kick-ass time, except for when drinks were spilled on people, but that comes with having a good time around alcohol. Thanks to this party most of the Nerd Reactor crew came home with a copy of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Limited Edition. And let me also say that I was the first to win it. HAHA!! Now on to the game review.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is an amazing game. The graphics on this game just blew me away and the game control is great. This is way better than the first Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit; and I loved that game. It was that game that made me fall in love with the Need For Speed title. Just the thought of running away from the cops blew my mind. Anyways, this game handled very well and the controls were not that complicated as I thought it would be. But then again this game is a full auto game only; at least the modes that I was playing. Nonetheless, the game looks to have great replay value. The game also featured a few new additions and one subtraction to the Need For Speed series, at least to me.

I have not played a Need For Speed title since Need For Speed: Most Wanted and that was on my PSP. And I have not touched the game in years; so I don’t know if these additions were added on the game later but now it has a server in which you have to log in called “AutoLog.” From what I can tell it keeps track of anything you do (how many miles, mileage on the car, wanted level, etc.). Another thing I noticed that was new was the runners, as I’d like to call them or the people who try to evade the cops, have weapons to evade cops. And the cops as well had new weapons to use; it was not just call in a road block or helicopter. Also the build-up of nitrous use was an intriguing aspect of the game.

Though there was one aspect I didn’t like and that is: it’s a one player game unless you go online. That part did not sit well with me; I understand you want online games but what if I just wanted a “Cops vs. Runners” game with my friend or brother. That was a bit of a downer. All these new additions and a subtraction as well as an upgrade to the graphics made this game worth it, if you purchased it and didn’t get to win it like I did.

Grade: A-

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